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We can help you make a wide range of delicious beer styles at Wine Kitz Admirals Walk. From light pale ales to deep and rich stouts, there is a world of beer to be made!

We offer you the option of home beermaking equipment and kits as well as on-premise beermaking.

Currently, we carry:

The BREW HOUSEĀ from Spagnol’s

beer kits admirals walk victoria

The Brewhouse Kit is an entirely new concept in homebrewing. Until now, most homemade beer has been made with concentrated malt extract syrup. The Brewhouse Kit produces all-grain microbrew style beer with the convenience of a kit. Brewed from fresh grain and hops, it is pure all-grain wort, made the same way as commercial microbrewed beers. Gentle handling preserves the delicate aromas and flavours. Crisp Pilsner, rich pale ale, malty Munich dark lager, full flavoured cream ale, luscious stout and even an incredibly light North American lager all show brilliant character.

Fresh grains make fresh beer: The Brew House Kit is made from 100% grain. The grains are cracked just before brewing and gently steeped in water at our custom designed German-style brew house. After the sweet wort is drawn off, it’s carefully boiled with generous amounts of hops. Then, without adding water or concentrate, we aseptically package it for maximum flavour and aroma. With our technology, we have total control over every step of the brewing process; we can even do Czech-style decoction mashing, the most technically demanding brewing in the world.

Available in:

  • Light Canadian Lager
  • Red Ale
  • Honey Blonde Lager
  • India Pale Ale
  • American Premium Lager
  • NEW! Munich Dark Lager
  • NEW! Pilsner
  • NEW! Cream Ale
  • NEW! Mexican Cerveza
  • NEW! Stout
  • NEW! Winterfest Ale
  • NEW! Prairie Wheat
  • NEW! Pale Ale